Support for Tayos

Join us in building awareness and appreciation of Cueva de los Tayos and helping to secure a protected future for this unique subterranean landscape. Whether through making a donation or supporting the Tayos project through purchase of our art, your contribution is a vital to the protection of the Tayos Caves.

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Make a donation

Whether you are an individual or a company your support for the Tayos project will make a big difference. Help take the team to Tayos and aid us in our mission to raise awareness of this beautiful and fragile environment. 100% of your donations go to funding expedition expenses for the Tayos creative team and delivering the creative work to be produced as part of the UNESCO World Heritage bid in 2020. We are deeply grateful for your support in helping us to raise awareness of the Cueva de los Tayos and galvanising the call for their protection. You can donate here or visit our gofundme page to learn more about the story of Tayos and the ambitions of the project.


funding through art

For larger contributions there is the opportunity to fund the project through artwork commissions from artists and expedition leaders Eileen Hall and Tamsin Cunningham. If you donate £100-£500, you will receive a small hand illustrated piece by artist Tamsin Cunningham or Eileen Hall as a thank you for your donation.For those who donate £1,000-£5,000 there is an opportunity to commission a larger piece of artwork by either Tamsin or Eileen . All proceeds will go directly to funding the Tayos art and conservation project. You can learn more about Eileen and Tamsin's art through their online portfolios - see links below - and get in touch at or

Sponsors and Donors

This project would not be possible without the kind and generous support of our many donors and sponsors. Thank you to all those who have donated to our expedition fund and provided equipment, clothing and accommodation for the journey to the caves.