Support for Tayos

Tayos is a project run by the Open Close Collective; a non-profit organization based largely on voluntary work and in-kind support. Any contribution you can make to support our ongoing work will go directly towards the production of the book, music release, exhibitions, events and installations we are working towards to raise awareness of the Tayos Caves and support the UNESCO World Heritage bid in 2020. Whether you are an individual or a company your support for the Tayos project will make a big difference. Join us in building awareness and appreciation of Cueva de los Tayos and helping to secure a protected future for this unique subterranean landscape.



If you would like to support the Tayos project through contribution of knowledge, useful contacts or space to exhibit we would love to hear from you. Contact and say hello!

Sponsors and Donors

The work of this project so far would not be possible without the kind and generous support of our many donors and sponsors. Thank you to all those who donated to our expedition fund and provided equipment, clothing and accommodation for the journey to the caves.